Reconstruction of the Old Silk Factory Has Started

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The reconstruction of the ‘Svilara’, former silk factory at the corner of Kosovska and Pavla Stamatovića Streets, started on Thursday, 22 March 2018. This officially marks the beginning of creation of the ‘Svilara’ cultural station of the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation.

This monument of the industrial heritage of our city becomes a cultural station of the Almaš neighbourhood, thanks to great interest of citizens in renovation of the old ‘Svilara’, which was shown through mapping and research. In addition to this, it was crucial that the project received support from the Mayor Miloš Vučević and other competent authorities. Decision-makers recognised the potential of culture and creative industries of Novi Sad and started creating opportunities for their realisation. Dalibor Rožić, member of the City Council in charge of culture, stated: ‘It is crucial for the city that this industrial heritage building, located in the Almaš neighbourhood, will become cultural quarter for various cultural content and activities. Transforming one of the oldest buildings of the industrial heritage is a good practice and model used in developed countries that recognise the importance of culture as a trigger for development of the community’. Mr Rožić added: ‘We invest in cultural infrastructure, open new space for cultural activism, and contribute to decentralisation of culture in order to bring cultural programmes to citizens, all of which is prescribed in the Strategy of Cultural Development of the City of Novi Sad. We strive to deal with culture systematically and comprehensively, as well as in a visionary way, because our goal is to prepare for the title year in the best possible way through joint and hard work.

In October 2017, Nemanja Milenković, CEO of the Foundation, announced the revitalisation of the new cultural quarter in Podbara, during the commemoration of three centuries of Almaš neighbourhood in Novi Sad: ‘”Novi Sad 2021” Foundation creates one more cultural core, where one space will be used to educate future producers, light, sound and programme designers, to enable theatre workers to realise artistic production by creating elements of stage design, to create chances for new artists and cultural workers, as well as to produce cultural content for engaged audience of Novi Sad’. Namely, the corner of Almaška and Pavla Stamatovića Streets, in the vicinity of ‘Svilara’, also hosts depot and workshops of the Serbian National Theatre, as well as one of the buildings of the Academy of Arts of the University of Novi Sad, which has a great potential together with the renovated cultural station.

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