University of Novi Sad was established on June 28, 1960 and it includes fourteen faculties that are located in four cities of the Autonomous Province Vojvodina – Novi Sad, Subotica, Zrenjanin and Sombor. The University consists of the following faculties in order of establishment: Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad (1954), Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad (1954), Faculty of Law in Novi Sad (1959), Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad (1959), Faculty of Economics based in Subotica (1960) with departments in Novi Sad and Bujanovac, Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad (1960), Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad (1960), Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad (1969), Academy of Arts in Novi Sad (1974), Faculty of Civil Engineering in Subotica (1974), ‘Mihajlo Pupin’ Technical Faculty in Zrenjanin (1974), Faculty of Physical Education in Novi Sad (1974), Faculty of Education (1993, until 2006 it was called Teacher Education Faculty) in Sombor and Teacher Education Faculty in Hungarian (2006) in Subotica.

Besides these faculties that are part of the University, the structure of the internal organisation of the University includes: 1) the Central Building of the University, 2) the Secretariat, 3) the Association of Centres for Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies and Development Research for the Economy – ACIMSI, 4) Central Library, 5) Academic Computer Network – ARMUNS.

Special beauty and uniqueness of the University is its location, i.e. the University Campus, which occupies an area of 259,807 m² and it is located on the left bank of the Danube, near the centre of Novi Sad. Seven faculties are located in the University Park: Faculties of Philosophy, Agriculture, Technology, Law, Engineering, Science and Mathematics and Physical Education, while the Faculty of Medicine is located within the Clinical Centre, and the Academy of Art is within the Petrovaradin Fortress. In addition to the administrative building and above mentioned faculties, the University Campus hosts student centre with two dormitories and a student central restaurant, hotel with suites for temporary accommodation of young teachers and assistants, Department of Public Health for students, sports and recreational activities and many scientific, professional, cultural, informative, sports and similar student organisations which bring together a number of students, providing them with a sense of community.