Three Cheers for Novi Sad 2021

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We invite all citizens of and visitors to Novi Sad to visit an exhibition of children’s drawings which is the result of cooperation between the Radosno Detinjstvo Institution and project Novi Sad 2021. The exhibition will be set on Liberty Square from 8-14 September. The opening is on 8 September at 11 a.m. The project was organised with the support of the city of Novi Sad and the city of Dortmund.

This project involved 12 kindergartens from Radosno Detinjstvo Preschools: Dunavski Cvet, Bambi, Zvončica, Vilenjak, Bubamara, Čarolija, Plavi Zec, Čuperak, Zlatna Greda, Veverica, Bajka and Pužić. The youngest citizens of Novi Sad were drawing on the topic of ‘Novi Sad – My City’. Out of 200 submitted drawings 100 were selected to be presented on the Square. See you at the Liberty Square!

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