Bicycle Art – The Cycling. Now! Exhibition in the Svilara Cultural Station on 13 October

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What happens to bicycles when we do not use them anymore? Over 80 kilometres of cycle path spreads over Novi Sad, which makes it a cycling city that has been nurturing the culture of two-wheelers since 1886. In addition to quickly arriving at the final destination, fans of cycling do not have a problem with parking, they exercise every day, and emission of greenhouse gases has been reduced, but what happens to worn out bicycles? Or to old bicycles we replace with new ones?

The citizens of Novi Sad will have a chance to get the answers on Tuesday, 13 October, from 7 p.m., in the Svilara Cultural Station, and enjoy the multimedia exhibition ‘Cycling. Now!’ by the Noa kuf association. Members of the association said that the aim of the project is the so-called promotion of bicycles as an ultimate invention and one of the symbols of Novi Sad through different types of art, from music to applied design.

‘We would like to remind the audience of the importance of bicycle as an important mean of transportation and that it can be recycled easily. Within a multimedia exhibition, we would also like to bring closer the notion of upcycling, known as the creative process of turning waste materials into new products that have the artistic value and foster the environmental protection. The exhibition will include bicycles turned into lamps, chandeliers, sculptures, photographs inspired by two-wheelers, as well as bicycles such as tall bikes. Ivana Cvetković, a local artist, who was in charge of exhibition design, will make the whole space in Svilara a unique travel guide to what bicycle is and what it could be,’ stressed members of the Noa kuf. association.

Bands, including members of the Noa kuf. association will play hits inspired by bicycle at the opening of the exhibition. The exhibition will include the guest book where visitors will have a chance to write their impression, contacts and thoughts that will contribute to this type of sustainable creativity after the exhibition.

All interested visitors can see the exhibition until 18 October. The ‘Cycling. Now!’ project by the Noa kuf. association is one of the 42 projects that received funds within the public call for local artists and associations, within the ‘Artists. Now!’ project that aims at strengthening local cultural scene.

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