The Culture of Ecology: Novi Sad – Part of the Global Action ‘World Cleanup Day’

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Novi Sad will join the ‘World Cleanup Day’, global action of cleaning, on Sunday, 20 September!

From 12 until 3 p.m., at the site of Bici Oasis, behind Rectorate and Bećarac beach, the second action of cleaning and arrangement will be organised.

Bici Oasis is the place that was improved by the activists of the ‘Eko Kurir’ association within the ‘New Places – Microgranting’ by the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation two years ago.

The same as last year, group of volunteers from the Novi Sad Voluntary Service, OPENS 2019 and AKTIV NS organisation helped and supported the association in the action.

‘We would like to send the powerful ecological message and give a positive example that we can do great things with a small organisation and little time, good will and love towards nature, ourselves and place we live in.

During the action, all preventive pandemic measures have been adopted. All participants are obliged to wear masks.

World Cleanup Day is one of the biggest civil movements that unifies 157 countries across the world with a common goal that goes far beyond national, religious, and cultural diversity.

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