The ‘Art Body Art – Relacije tela’ Exhibition in Svilara

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On Tuesday, 11 August, the ‘Art Body Art – Relacije tela’ exhibition by the SULUV gallery will be opened in the Svilara Cultural Station. This artistic event is being implemented within the programme of New artistic practices body art - релације тела

The exhibition presents an introductory event/exhibition of the Art Body Art and includes several activities, within which young authors, students whose works cover the topic of body as a form of movement, will present themselves. The project opens the field for media installations and space solutions that transfer complex contents and enable us to experience information by supporting artistic expression that represents experimental approach in the artistic work.

At the same time, the critical overview on driving role of technology in the creation of new artistic forms is being encouraged. The audience can follow the opening of the exhibition online, via Facebook page of the Svilara Cultural Station on 11 August at 8 p.m.

The focus of the project is a form of movement, i.e. artistic work (object, audio-video installation, etc.) in the form defined in the terms and range of space and time. The designed works rely on multimedia artistic disciplines of research-based and experimental character, which correspond in the fields of visual technologies, electronics, generative art, interaction, movement, light, sound, and other processes of digital multifunction.

The aim of each work is its purpose, and discussion about variety of topics. It requires the participation of a viewer and works form a hybrid space in which the interaction between the audience and artistic work is enabled by occupying physical and virtual space.

Authors and participants of the project are: Teodora Šćepanović, Sara Masnikosa, Jelena Bursać, Valentin Varga, Bojana Prodanović, Mila Pejić, Aleksandar Siker, Ivana Jeremić, Darko Sretić, Dejana Kovačević, Vanja Janković, Jovan Ranković, Aleksandar Danguzov, Edvard Winters, Marija Ranković, Milan Marinković, Anđela Stojanović, Maja Marković and Aleksa Mitrović.

The associate (curator) of the project is Teodora Perović, the art historian and theoretician, while the author of the thematic concept of the relation of a body within the ‘Art Body Art’ project is also SULUV SMIC. form of movement, Goran Despotovski, PhD in Art.

The event is implemented within the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ and ‘Artists. Now!’ support programme for the local scene, with the ‘Merkator S’ company, as a partner.

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