Survey: Mapping the Cultural Needs of Local Communities in the Outskirts of Novi Sad

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The ‘Odyssey 2021 – Phase 1’ project is focused on mapping social communities and groups from the outskirts of Novi Sad, researching the cultural needs of each community and collecting stories from locals, in order to better understand, animate and involve in the future international project VOXcity.

Questionnaire for the needs of the ‘Odyssey 2021 – Phase 1’ project was launched for all residents in the outskirts of Novi Sad (Klisa, Rumenka, Futog, Rakovac, etc.), in order to better map the cultural needs of the local community and collect information on intangible cultural heritage, which is an overture to the international VOXcity project.

By mapping and researching the specific resources and specific cultural needs of each community, one gains insight into the possible approach of the artistic process of work to each community. Furthermore, the personal stories of the members of each mapped community are collected through the project activities, which gives visibility to marginalized voices and enables deeper connection between all members of one community.

The ‘Odyssey 2021 – Phase 1’ project is implemented by the association Cultural Corner ‘Nurturing Traditions in Vojvodina’ and is supported by the City of Novi Sad in the call for financing and co-financing projects in culture in the field of intangible cultural heritage.

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