What is Your Superpower? – NS2021 Launches New Programme in Three Cultural Spaces

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What is Your Superpower? – NS2021 Launches New Programme in Three Cultural Spaces

Each of us has the superpower – this is the inspiration for a new programme ‘Superpowered’, which begins on 24 November and lasts until 3 December, and International Day of Persons with Disabilities will mark the end of the programme.
More than 35 events – exhibitions, workshops, performances, film screenings, concerts and trainings will promote openness, inclusion and above all, the idea that everybody has the talent that should be shared with others.
Different talents i.e. superpowers such as drawing, dancing, acting, singing, handiwork, film, puppetry, painting, music playing and dissemination of information will be presented in cooperation with 30 local organisations, especially active associations of people with disabilities, which were connected by ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’.
The programme will be held in three cultural spaces – Svilara and Egység Cultural Stations and in the new premises of Cultural Corner in Slana Bara.
Some oratory programmes will be held in sign language, while some of film screenings will be played with audio description.
The ‘Superpowered’ programme in the Svilara Cultural Station (Đorđa Rajkovića Street no. 6b) will be opened with the ‘Trenutak u Hodu i Letu’ exhibition at 6:30 p.m., which presents children works from the Elementary and Secondary Boarding School ‘Milan Petrović’. The exhibition was created within the fine art colony held in the Čenej educational camp and in a school in Novo Naselje.

Impro night begins at 7 p.m., when the soundbeam orchestra ‘Good People’ and ‘Killo Killo Banda’ raggae band from Novi Sad will perform together.  The soundbeam orchestra ‘Good People’, named after the music sound system based on the sensory technology, strives to develop community empathy for people with disabilities and disabled people and actively creates and performs different music contents for six years, especially their own blues and jazz improvisations or ambient passages.

The ‘Nebeski Divan Toše Ačanskog’ monodrama by Bojan Živanović, a member of the ‘Faith Hope Love’ Association of Citizens and their section called ‘Theatre of Good Vibrations’, will be performed at 8 p.m. The monodrama is based on the story of Toša Ačanski from Salajka, who went to war as a mobilised soldier of Austria-Hungary, and one of numerous Serbian soldiers who disappeared at the Salonica front and are listed as N.N. at the Zeitenlik Allied military cemetery. 

The Egység Cultural Station (Antona Čehova Street no.4). The ‘Superpowered’ programme begins with the ‘Dana the Bee’ opera for children by the composer Petar Jovanović, organised by the ‘Visoko C’ Association of Artists, on 24 November at 11 a.m. It is a short story dedicated to children age 2-9 years. It describes a wonderful workday of Dana the bee, who, with the help of a small butterfly Šarko, gathers honey and takes care about living creatures in the flower meadow. The plot twist begins when the bumblebee Beda steals all honey and catches Dana the bee in a trap.

The ‘Superpowered’ start their programme with the Workshop of finger knitting, organised by the ‘Sunce’ Association for Cerebral palsy and ‘Teatrilo’ Association of Citizens, in the Cultural Corner (Sentandrejski Put no. 106b) on 24 November, from 4 until 7 p.m. Application for workshops via facebook page of Cultural Corner.

The ‘Superpowered’ programme will comprise the Trainings in the basics of accessibility for employees in cultural institutions and organisations, with the aim to improve knowledge in the field of accessibility and exchange of experience of examples of good practice and challenges they face with in terms of improvement of accessibility in cultural institutions. The trainings last until 24 November at 4 p.m., and you can apply here.  More about the trainings here.

You can follow the ‘Superpowered’ programme via social media of The ‘Svilara’ Cultural StationThe ‘Egység’ Cultural StationCultural Corner.

The ‘Superpowered’ programme is a part of the ‘Second Europe’ programme arch, which presents different, minority, hidden, but brave and evocative cultural and artistic scene of Novi Sad. It is supported by the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ and it will last unitl 15 December.


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