Solidarity and Overcoming the Differences Through Art Therapy – Workshops in Egység and Svilara

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How does everyday life of people with mental disorders look like? How important is the support from friends, family and environment? Are we, as a society, ready to help and involve people with different mental conditions into our communities, and to what extent? Can painting help when it comes to therapy?


This, precisely, is the topic of the ‘Towards Another – Art of the Invisible’ project by the ‘Patrija’ association, whose aim is to resocialize and strengthen people with psychosocial difficulties through the support that Art therapy workshops provide. Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy which uses artistic expression as means of communication. In addition to this, the project’s aim is to introduce the citizens to both personal and structural problems which this visibly marginalized group of people encounters, and which contribute to the maintenance of the vulnerable, marginalised groups and their stigmatization.

During September, artistic workshops for users of psychotherapeutic services, i.e. members of the ‘Compass’ club, as well as for all citizens, will be implemented in the Egység and Svilara Cultural Stations.

The first open workshop in the Egység Cultural Station will be held on 1 September from 2.30 p.m. until 5.30 p.m. with the topic ‘Who am each and every I?’. The following workshops are scheduled for 8, 15 and 24 September.

Workshops in the Svilara Cultural Station will be held every Wednesday (2, 9, 16 and 23 September) in the small hall, at the same time.

All interested citizens who would like to participate in the workshops can apply via number +381 2727139.

‘With all the differences, we must find common interests of the meetings, become aware of our prejudices and let go of them. We have to inform ourselves about the facts regarding mental health and truly understand that anyone can find themselves in the situation where, in the moment of weakness, they would need the psychosocial support,’ point out members of the ‘Patrija’ association.

After the end of the workshops in the Svilara Cultural Station, an interactive exhibition is going to be implemented.

The authors of the project and moderators of the workshops are Aleksandra Mirimanov, Vojana Obradović, Jovana Ćojder and Anja Žujović.

The ‘Towards Another – Art of the Invisible’ project is one of the 42 projects given funds on the Public call for local artists and associations within the ’Artists.Now!’ project, whose aim is to strengthen the local cultural scene, raise their capacities through the network of cultural stations, decentralise culture and increase the audience.

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