Share Your Story: Volunteers from ECoCs About Their Experiences

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Bojana Krgović from Novi Sad and Simona Mongelli from Matera will talk about their local and international volunteer experience within the international volunteering promotion called ‘Share Your Story’ on Friday, 9 October, at 6:30 p.m. The audience will be able to listen to their story online, via Zoom platform.

share your story

Bojana and Simona will answer questions such as motivation for volunteering, what has changed for them, what their experience is so far, and they will also give advice that can be useful for all those who wish to start volunteering, but also for those who are already active in that field.

Informal network of coordinators of voluntary programmes of European Capitals of Culture was formed in March this year with the idea of sharing experiences in working with volunteers during the preparations for the title year, exchanging ideas, launching joint projects and programmes, easier involvement of new coordinators of voluntary programmes, as well as raising quality of work with volunteers.

One of the joint activities is the promotion of volunteering at the international level called ‘Share Your Story’ with the idea of presenting volunteers and their experiences at the local and international level.

Volunteers from Japan and Ireland presented their experience during the end of July.

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