Recommendations of the Citizens of European Countries to the European Commission

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What is future of Europe like? What are its problems? How should they be solved? Thousands of citizens from European countries answered these and many other questions and their answers were put into the ‘White that was sent to the European Commission.
The book of recommendations emerged from the SPACE project that was launched because of the lack of involvement of citizens in democratic processes of the European Union, which was obvious after every European election.
The whole project was based on meetings with citizens of different profiles, surveys, debates and research outside the institutions, that is, on the streets.
During two years, 35 street debates were held in several European Cities: Tiggiano and Lecce in Italy, Trebnje in Slovenia, Chios in Greece, Cluj and Sânpaul in Romania, Tallinn in Estonia, Wienna in Austria, Pula and Poreč in Croatia, Orleans and Marseille in France, as well in Novi Sad since Serbia is in the process of entering the European Union.
The White Book for the Future of Europe is not a political programme, but different opinions of the citizens of Europe when it comes to common future. It consists of recommendations that belong only to the citizens who submitted them.
The ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation was partner in the project and held three debates.

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