Quarantine through Photographs: Join the ‘Europe at Home’ Project

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How your quarantine photo album would look like? Enjoying different types of art – film, book, music, etc., work from home, new hobbies, volunteering, cooking or just time for the rest we needed?

Novi Sad, as the future European Capital of Culture, joined the large European project ‘Europe at Home’ and activated the local cultural scene, and now, in the second phase of the project, the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation invites everyone to join the idea of ​​solidarity and togetherness.

In order to join the ‘Europe at Home’ project, you need to add the #europeathome #novisad2021 #novisadkodkuće hashtags when posting quarantine photos on your social networks: as well as to mark Facebook or Instagram Novi Sad 2021 pages.

The initiator of this project is the Portuguese candidate for the European Capital of Culture in 2027, the city of Faro, and is jointly implemented by 13 other cities: Novi Sad (Serbia), Bodø  (Norway), Chemnitz (Germany), Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg), Kaunas (Lithuania),  Leeuwarden (Netherlands), Oulu (Finland), Piran (Slovenia), Plovdiv (Bulgaria), San Sebastián (Spain), Tartu (Estonia), Valletta (Malta), Veszprém (Hungary).

In the first phase of the project one writer and photographer from all 14 cities presented the quarantine time through their work, but also all the challenges that this pandemic posed to the world.

László Végel, playwright, theatre critic and essayist and Marija Kovač, photographer, presented Novi Sad on this project and you can see their works, as well as works by other artists on the website: www.europeathome.eu 

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