Programme Director of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation Has Been Selected

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After the proposal of the Artistic Director of the Foundation, and after the approval of the Foundation CEO, Dušan Kaličanin has been selected as a Programme Director. He is a renowned figure on cultural and media scenes, activist in the field of creative industries, entrepreneur and investor.

Mr Kaličanin is one of the founders of the TEHNOKRATIA international art associations – leading organisation of this kind in South-East Europe. The goal of the association is to promote techno culture in all its forms (music, video, fashion, media, design, science, wellness).

He is the founder of several companies in the field of creative industries, member of Managing Boards of many local and foreign institutions, organisations, companies and projects. He was a creative director of the Pakom Group for many years.

Dušan Kaličanin has worked on developing big regional and European brands in the domain of creative industries, and has published series of media, expert and scientific papers in numerous relevant magazines.

He held lectures at several faculties in Belgrade, Novi Sad and other universities in Serbia, as well as in numerous educational, scientific, research, business, cultural, and media institutions in Russia, EU, Switzerland, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, and he participated in numerous expert and scientific conferences, seminars and symposiums.

After a successful DJ carrier, he became one of the first VJs in Europe, performing at big events, mixing, directing and producing video performances, music videos and films, cooperating with the most famous global TV stations (MTV, VIVA, MCM, TMF).

Dušan Kaličanin was an editor, producer and author at the Channel 3 of the Radio-Television Serbia, where he was involved in cult shows such as VJ TECHNO (the only show about techno culture in the world that was broadcasted on a national television), SUPERNOVA, ANIMANIA, Mozaik, Noćni Program.

In addition to the above mentioned, he was the initiator and editor in chief of TV Metropolis (the first Serbian music television), editor and author at Radio Politika (famous show FRACTAL), editor and journalist in the following magazines: Vreme Zabave, Beoizlog, Music Magazine, EXTREME Magazine, etc.

Dušan Kaličanin has willingly and enthusiastically accepted the obligations and responsibilities of the Programme Director, as well as challenges that come with this position.


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