Support from Europe – Work Meeting of the ECoC Representatives

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Confirmation of great support that Novi Sad has for its candidacy for the European Capital of Culture in 2021 from numerous European cities, seen on Monday 14 September when a work meeting in the City Hall of Novi Sad was held, where in addition to our representatives Vanja Vučenović City Council member in charge of culture, Dušanka Manić Deputy Chairperson of the Organisation Board of the ECoC Novi Sad in 2021, Momčilo Bajac Chairperson of the Programme Council of Novi Sad in 2021, Siniša Jokić member of the Organisation Board ECoC Novi Sad in 2021, Radoslav Petković from the Secretariat for Culture and Public Information of the Government of Autonomous Province Vojvodina, were also Márton Méhes Artistic Director of Pécs ECoC in 2010, Peter Langer General Coordinator of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions, Karoly Méhes Manager in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter in Pécs, Ovidiu Dragoman Head of programme activities Sibiu ECoC 2007, Vladimir Ham and Denis Ambruš Deputy Mayors of Osijek, Diana Donawell Head of the Office for International Cooperation of the City of Timișoara, Marian Matusak Manager within the project Košice 2013 in charge of networking and tourism, as well as George Sarlis EU expert and adviser for programmes that are founded by EU, Executive Director of Larisa ECoC in 2021.

Representatives of seven European cities that have offered a great support to Novi Sad on the road to candidacy for European Capital of Culture in 2021 visited Novi Sad. The reason for the visit was the meeting in which they exchanged knowledge and experience before the Conference of the Danube Cities and Regions, where application of Novi Sad for the European Capital of Culture in 2021 will be presented and submitted. The Conference is in Brussels on 16 October. After the meeting, Conference Hall of the City Hall hosted a press conference where Vanja Vučenović, City Council member in charge of culture, welcomed guests and thanked them for their support.

– After four years we have come to the end of the candidacy process. We have done a lot and I believe that our efforts will pay off and that Novi Sad will become European Capital of Culture in 2021. On this journey we have had help from cultural institutions, various associations and organisations, the media and the general public from Novi Sad and this is an opportunity to thank them all for that – said Vanja Vučenović adding that we owe special thanks to our partners, the cities that already were European Capital of Culture or are yet to become one.

– At the meeting with representatives of these cities we established that Novi Sad has serious arguments for winning this prestigious title and that we could win if we continue on the path that is not easy, but that could bring benefits in terms of overall development of our city – said Mr Vučenović.

Momčilo Bajac, the Programme Director of the candidacy of Novi Sad for ECoC in 2021 addressed the attendees at the conference. He pointed out that today’s generations have a great responsibility to do everything so Novi Sad could win this prestigious title, because future generations will in six years bear this title which will make Novi Sad economically, tourist-wise and culturally even more representative city on the map of Europe. Mr Bajac also thanked everyone who had worked on this project during four years.

Peter Langer General Coordinator of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions in Ulm stressed out that Novi Sad as a multi-ethnic and multi-religious environment has good cooperation with the Danube Region. Also, Mr Langer said that Novi Sad which has vivid and painful history, authentic architecture, rich cultural and scientific life and citizens with an open mind, should become European Capital of Culture and continue its urban development through culture. He conveyed the support of the famous Hungarian writer György Konrád, who also supports Novi Sad in winning the title of European Capital of Culture.

Deputy Major of Osijek Vladimir Ham said that his city which has already submitted an application for ECoC 2020 will never forget the support that Novi Sad has given to them, and that Osijek in the equal measure supports Novi Sad and that they will do everything to help Novi Sad claim this prestigious title in 2021.

Artistic Director of Pécs ECoC 2010 Márton Méhes pointed out that the rich art scene, revitalization of old facilities and Chinatown, as well as citizens participation in the project represents good trump cards for Novi Sad.

The presentation of the project ‘Fundamental and Creative Potentials of Novi Sad’ by architect Vojislav Dević was also held in the City Hall.


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