“Plants – Artists in Residence” programme

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Establishing new international connections, partnerships, and joint projects, as well as creating possibilities for our artists to sojourn in other cities and host artists from Europe are bases for the Plants – Artists in Residence programme.

‘Novi Sad 2021’ project wants to inspire artists from Novi Sad to connect with European artists and inform about contemporary trends in art. Plants – Artists in Residence programme will be continuously implemented in the period 2017-2020 in cooperation with numerous organisations from the Danumbe Region and Europe, and it will be an instrument for strengthening international cultural cooperation, which is crucial for gaining experience, and for improving capacities of local art scene. In 2017 and 2018 the focus will be on sending local artists abroad in order to provide them with an opportunity to get to know and participate in the contemporary international art scene, while developing skills necessary for the implementation of the Novi Sad 2021 project. Therefore, special attention will be devoted to cooperation with cultural organisations from the past, present and future European Capitals of Culture. As of 2019, we believe that Novi Sad will be ready to host foreign artists from partner organisations and those who respond to open calls for the artist-in-residence programme.

In order to inform our artists about the ideas behind Plants – Artists in Residence, Petr Šimon, Manager for International Projects within Plzeň 2015European Capital of Culture, and Coordinator of the artist-in-residence programme within Novi Sad 2021 project, will present artist-in-residence programmes at Petrovaradin Fortress in ‘Titovi Saloni’ staterooms on 3 April. at. 16.00h Berenika Nikodemska, Coordinator of the artist-in-residence programme within Wrocław 2016 – European Capital of Culture, will also share her experience.

The Plants – Artists in Residence programme will be managed in cooperation with an independent organisation that will make sure that the programme of cultural exchange with Europe, with special focus on cooperation with the Danube Region, continues to live after the title year.

We would like to remind that the European Capital of Culture project was established to emphasise richness and diversity of European cultures, strengthen bonds between citizens of Europe, connect people from different European countries, learn about other cultures, and promote mutual understanding, which are also main ideas of the Plants – Artists in Residence project.

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