Artists in Residence: World Famous Artist in Novi Sad

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Svitlana Levchenko, a world famous artist from Ukraine, is coming to Novi Sad within the residential programme ‘Artists in Residence’ (Plants AiR).

During her stay here, she will organise a workshop titled ‘Everyone is an Artist’ and an exhibition ‘God is an Artist’, while during the 12th edition of the PDP conference, lasting from 16 to 18 October this year, she will speak about the endless process of being a photographer through her works, why anyone can do photography as well as what she discovered about herself and about the world around her by capturing the elements of that world.

The ‘God is an Artist’ exhibition will be held from 14 until 18 October in the LAB Cultural Centre through various segments. Namely, the exhibition will encompass photos printed on photo paper, big format photos on digital and foam boards, interactive part where the visitors will use duct tape on the photos, as well as small format photos and a book which the artist will bring from Ukraine. Lastly, there will be an installation – white canvas soaked in coloured water.

At the same time, she will organise a workshop ‘Everyone is an Artist’ also in the LAB Cultural Centre, lasting from 15 until 17 October. Due to the epidemiological measures and restricted number of people, the spaces for the workshops have already been filled. The works created during the workshops are also going to be exhibited.


Svitlana has been doing photography for many years now. She is also working as a curator in Ukraine. She got her degree in ecology in 2006 at the Academy of Refrigeration, only to start doing photography in 2014.

She participated in collective exhibitions in Berlin, Los Angeles, Rome, Paris, Austria, Latvia, Korea and Ukraine, as well as at numerous photography festivals and fairs held in Germany, Greece, Austria, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

Svitlana is also the author of an artistic book ‘God is an Artist’, which was presented in Vienna in 2017. She also created a series of artistic postcards titled ‘Message’. Currently, she is working as a curator in the Avangarden gallery in Kyiv and as one of the educational platform ‘Photo Kyiv Fair’. In 2017, she organised an important exhibition for a prestigious leader among the Ukrainian fashion brands and accessories – ‘Vsi Svoyi’.

The aim of the ‘Artists in Residence’ (Plants AiR) programme, which is being implemented within the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ project, is education and networking of local artists with foreign artists and organisations. Within the programme, artists from Novi Sad are supported to implement outgoing residences, as well as to enable foreign artist to visit Novi Sad and to exchange experience and knowledge with local artists through work.

PDP (Print, Design, Photography) Creative Media Conference has been gathering designers, photographers and other visual artists for 12 years. They have been educating their audience in the field of creative media within lectures and workshops, while through open calls, PDP promotes the students’ work and work of young artists.

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