Passport Programme: Novi Sad Local Scene and Japanese Cooperation

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Local organisations had the opportunity to hear what the ‘Passport’ programme, supported by the EU Japan Fest, is and how they can connect with Japanese artists during the presentation of the programme in the Svilara Cultural Station.

The ‘Passport’ programme supports the projects of local organisations on one hand, and opens up the opportunity to connect with Japanese scene on the other, and it also creates an opportunity for local cultural managers to work and create in Japan.

EU Japan Fest cooperates with Novi Sad, as the future European Capital of Culture, on several projects and the Secretary General stressed that the Novi Sad cultural scene is very interested in cooperating with Japanese artists and organisations and that there is a desire to deepen and continue this cooperation.

The idea is that the ‘Passport’ programme continues even after 2021, i.e. after the title year.

You can hear about the ‘Passport’ programme and cooperation with Novi Sad from Minami Kifuna from EU Japan Fest: 


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