The Opinion of the Craftsmen from the so-called Chinese Quarter is also Important

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The second session of the Committee for Development of the Youth Creative Polis was held on 23 January 2018.

The work of the Committee, which was established to review proposals and set criteria for the transformation of the quarter, continued on the foundations of the culture of dialogue, that resulted in the adoption of five points for development of the youth-creative district in the so-called Chinese Quarter last year.

The Amendments of the Decision on leasing the business premises on the territory of the City of Novi Sad, proposed by the Committee, were adopted during the session of the City Assembly on 27 December 2017. This action legally confirms the intention to use dialogue and joint actions to find solutions for the existing paying tenants, which was one of the first proposed criteria of the Committee.

– There is a good will to address the issues that craftsmen in the Chinese Quarter have, and this can be clearly seen not only in words, but also in actions. All of us were asked about the transfer to other locations during the construction. Regardless of the fact whether we accept the offered premises or find them ourselves, we are satisfied that we are taken care of – said Slobodan Dragojević, representative of craftsmen in the Committee for Development of the Youth Creative Polis.

Zdravko Vulin, representative of the artistic production from the Chinese Quarter, said that he is pleased that they managed to preserve the purpose and architectural identity of the industrial heritage of the Chinese Quarter. More importantly, the actions of the Committee for Development of the Youth Creative Polis are result of jointly made decisions and he stressed the importance of finding the adequate business premises for craftsmen and all other scrupulous tenants.

The team of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation is pleased with the implementation of the preparatory phase of the Youth Creative Polis project, and it will inform the public when all conditions are met for the initiation of the first phase of construction works.

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