Pantry for Project Ideas



The year 2017 is a starting year for the Novi Sad 2021 project, and it is dedicated to establishing rules of conduct and stable organisation structure, transparency principles, drafting strategies, and strategic partnerships.

The priorities of the Foundation for 2017 will be focused on strengthening human and infrastructure capacities, in order for the city to build necessary resources to implement projects of international and participation character.

Despite this priority, as well as the fact that the Foundation has still not appointed the Artistic Director who should artistically shape the Novi Sad 2021 project, we open the call called Pantry for Project Ideas in order to give chance to all interested parties to share their suggestions and ideas with us.

You can submit your ideas by filling in the form, and sending it together with accompanying documents to this e-mail

All submitted ideas will be considered by the expert team that will meet two times this year, after the Artistic Director has been appointed. After reviewing project ideas, the applicants will be notified via e-mail about the results of this call.

Open call

Application form