NVS: We Offer Support to Our Citizens

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Novi Sad Voluntary Service joined the Voluntary Centre thus becoming the support to our senior citizens, in the territory of Novi Sad.

Currently, around 200 volunteers of the Novi Sad Voluntary Service are open to work, help and support our citizens, 10 of which are already offering help. ‘Crveni Krst’ decides upon their engagement, in coordination with the City emergency services.

Security of volunteers, as well as users of voluntary programme are in the first place, according to which all safety and health measures are being taken. Every volunteer who will be engaged, will go through necessary training and will be given protective equipment, detailed information and clear instructions regarding the responsible and safe way of volunteering, and the ‘Crveni Krst’ will be in charge of it, as well as the organisation that already has an experience in such situations.

 Number of Voluntary Centre: + 381 21 4871 700

 Call Centre that will be at citizens’ service (answering questions regarding your health condition).

Number of the Call centre: + 381 21 480 7721

                                                      + 381 21 480 7722

 In addition to Novi Sad Voluntary Service, other organisations joined the actions of Voluntary Centre: OPENS, Novi Sad youth forum, Students’ Parliament of the University of Novi Sad, Čepom do Osmeha, Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre, Kolping, Association of Citizens, YOUTH Fest, Youth Policy Institute, European Youth Centre of Vojvodina.

The idea is to undertake work with good coordination and synchronisation and join their forces in order to stay safe while volunteering and helping senior citizens.  

This is an appeal for everyone not to initiate independent volunteer activities, nor participate in self-organised actions due to harmful consequences for your health and health of persons that are in immediate contact with one another.

Novi Sad Voluntary Service was formed by the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ and OPENS.


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