Novi Sad and Timişoara Joined Forces Towards 2021

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The two European Capitals of Culture 2021, Novi Sad and Timişoara, signed the Agreement on Cooperation in order to join resources, exchange experience, overcome the obstacles and work jointly on projects, with the aim to prepare as best as possible for 2021.

During the visit of the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ team in Timişoara, the two cities have summarised their work in the field of culture and on cooperation so far, which is already established in some fields. They also agreed on the activities that will contribute to the preparation of the title year in both cities.

In order to improve and enrich their cultural scenes, Novi Sad and Timişoara will continue with artist exchange and cultural managers, which has successfully been implemented so far. The plan is to implement seminars, trainings, manifestations, as well as to launch joint projects and workshops. One of the projects is the Circus Road, within which they will work on strengthening the independent circus scene and implementation of joint manifestations, as well as Small Grants project, which is dedicated to independent and non-institutional artistic and cultural scene on the territory of Novi Sad and Zone 021. Joint performances, exhibitions, theatre plays, as well as networking with other organisations and inclusion in already existing networks of organisations.

It is important for artists and cultural workers, who create cultural contents in the future capitals of culture, to gain experience, develop new ideas, and have space to create cultural image of the city.

Having in mind that the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ and ‘Timişoara 2021’ Association want to jointly strengthen the cooperation with international organisations in the field of culture and education, the above-mentioned cooperation has European dimension.

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