Novi Sad – Tango City: Beltango Quintet in Katolička Porta

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A dance that is driven by emotions, does not require choreography, and in which you cannot make mistakes. A dance that is popular worldwide and that everybody can dance – the spirit of tango has been brought to Novi Sad for the sixth time within the ‘Novi Sad – Tango City’ international festival.

The so-called dance floor will be Katolička Porta, where the world famous ‘Beltango Quintet’ from Belgrade, which celebrates its 20th anniversary, will perform.

Novi Sad has the honour to be on the list of cities within the European tour, and concert is organised by the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation and ‘Todo Tango’ Association, which has promoted the culture of Argentina and tango for 13 years.

In addition to performances at numerous world festivals in Europe, as well as Canada and Argentina, the fact that the ‘Beltango Quintet’ is the only European tango orchestra which was invited by the Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires to perform at the World Festival of Tango, the biggest festival of this type in the world, proves its quality.

The repertoire is characterised by diversity, and Natalia Lavandeira and Roberto Reis, maestros of Argentina tango, will join the ‘Beltango Quintet’ and make their contribution. Fans of tango dance from Buenos Aires, Carnegie Hall, Hollywood, London’s Covent Garden and Moscow had a chance to see their bravura acts.

In addition to the concert, which is the highlight of this year’s ‘Novi Sad – Tango City’ Festival, ‘Todo Tango’ Association prepared 13 additional events such as lectures and dance nights, which will bring Argentinian culture and art closer to citizens of Novi Sad, from 15 until 18 August, while the ‘Embrace the Sky’ dance night will be organised for the gala closing of the festival at the terrace of the Petrovaradin Fortress.

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