Novi Sad as a Spinning Top – When It Seems to Stand Still, It Is Spinning the Fastest

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Starting today, Novi Sad Fair hosts fair shows dedicated to literature, art, and education – Book Fair, ‘Art Expo’ International Art Exhibition, and ‘Road Signs’ Education Fair. First day was also dedicated to the presentation of two very important projects for both Novi Sad and Serbia – European Capital of Culture 2021 and European Youth Capital 2019.

Nemanja Milenković, the CEO of the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture 2021’ foundation, while presenting the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ project, stressed that strong rebranding of Novi Sad was done after winning these two prestigious titles.

– The facts that Novi Sad hold ‘two crowns’, and that 2020 will commemorate 20 years of the EXIT, one of the most important music festivals in Europe and the world, definitely spark a wish in any tourist, young person or investor to visit Novi Sad or to invest in it – said Mr Milenković.

According to him, Novi Sad, as any other city, would continue to develop without winning these two European titles, however what is both fascinating and greatly important is that youth and culture would not be primary areas to receive investments. Mr Milenković reminded that this can be seen in all the years behind us, thus stressing it is important that these projects put youth and culture into focus.

– I am glad that these two areas are mutually intertwined. They are one of four bridges of the ECoC programme concept entitled ‘For New Bridges’, which is dedicated to young people and creative industries, as great developing opportunities for Novi Sad. It is a possibility for the European Youth Capital to go beyond 2019, to continue together with the ECoC project until 2021, after which we can only hypothesise where these projects will lead us – said the CEO of the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture 2021’ foundation.

As Mr Milenković said, Novi Sad cannot boast with grandiose and recognisable works of architecture as other great European cities, but it can be a spinning top that spins fastest when it seems to stand still.

– This city, from its foundation, definitely has an energy – refined, genteel, and quiet one, which still moves it forward. Through a unique identity and migration story, through tolerance and interculturality, we have all been connected together, and we have painted our city with love, therefore the culture goes beyond the definitions and begins to represent the way of life. This is why I look forward to the years that come – said Mr Milenković.

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