Novi Sad gets a new park

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The modern trend of decentralization of cultural events, and therefore the decentralization of culture of life, which is one of the “broader” objectives of the project Novi Sad European Capital of Culture 2021, is gaining more and more in importance in Novi Sad. The huge neglected area between Novo naselje and Detelinara, along the old marshalling yard and “abandoned” railway, will become a new, decorated park till the end of this year.

In the area of 3.5 ha, after taking the “wild” landfills and removing weeds, a green space will be decorated with all accompanying contents that will brighten up the park and make it functional to a big number of citizens of different ages. As planned, the new park will have a gym in the open air, a bocce court, a playground, a fountain, a pastry shop. Certainly there will be a part adapted for concerts, performances and workshops in the open.

It is expected that the remaining approximately 6.5 hectares, after legal relations between the City and Serbian Railways are completed, who are the current owners of the area, should also be brought to the purposes that will, for the tens of thousands of citizens of Novi Sad who live in Novo naselje and Detelinara, mean a new public space where they will be able to rest, leisure, entertain, and “refresh” right there, in their neighbourhood.

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