The ‘Novi Sad – City of Kindness’ Project Started

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First seminars within the ‘Novi Sad – City of Kindness’ project were held.

The ‘Novi Sad – City of Kindness’ project was launched with the aim to improve business communication and assertiveness of Novi Sad public clerks. The project includes cultural managers, managers in tourism and catering, taxi drivers, public transportation drivers, desk workers, policemen, salesmen who will become ambassadors of the so-called ‘Novi Sad kindness’ through a specially planned set of educational seminars.

Bearing in mind that Novi Sad is the holder of the European Capital of Culture project in 2021 and is already becoming an interesting cultural and tourist destination, the idea of ​​the project is to emphasize the well-known Novi Sad warmth, immediacy and openness, make it more visible, recognisable and deeper.

 The first phase of the project began this week with the ‘Communication with Difficult Parties’ seminar in Svilara and Egység cultural stations. Within the first phase, a total of 30 seminars will be held on topics related to business culture and manners for approximately 600 employees in cultural institutions, city authorities, public companies, taxi services and catering facilities. Trainings are implemented by Vera Dunjić, graduate psychologist and business communications coach.

Along with the educational segment of the project, students of business psychology of the ‘Dr Lazar Vrkatić’ faculty with the mentorship of prof. Željka Bojanić, PhD, are conducting research on the level of business culture and kindness that will serve as a parametre for verifying project results.

The ‘Novi Sad – City of Kindness’ project expected results:

– Empowering and supporting cultural institutions to properly present cultural offer and make it more accessible and acceptable;

– Creating a functional communication network between direct and indirect stakeholders who contribute to the cultural offer of the city;

– Raising the standard of treatment for the wider community and guests of Novi Sad;

– Developing awareness of the importance of the culture of treatment in the general public;

-Developing the brand of the city of Novi Sad as a friendly city.

In the upcoming period, the project will create the so-called ‘Kindness zones’ and selection of the most kind salesman, taxi driver, etc. will be organised and it will involve all citizens of Novi Sad, thus spreading the story about the importance of assertive communication, openness and kind treatment.

The ‘Novi Sad – City of Kindness’ project is implemented by ‘Zona Ljubaznosti’ association and in cooperation with the ‘Dr Lazar Vrkatić’ Faculty of Legal and Business Studies with the support of the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ project.

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