Novi Sad 2021 prepares applications for international projects

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From the moment of receiving the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture, the expert team of Novi Sad 2021 has been intensively working on strengthening the European dimension of the project and promoting the values of this prestigious title at an international level. Therefore, in cooperation with many professional institutions in the country and abroad, the expert team Novi Sad 2021 is preparing applications for three international projects in two different programs: IPA Cross-border Programme Hungary- Serbia and the program Citizens for Europe.

Within the framework of the IPA CBC Programme Hungary – Serbia two project ideas, arising directly from Application book (bidbook) with which Novi Sad gained the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture, are being prepared.

Bearing in mind the fact that the Foundation Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture was established on January 5th2017, as well as the rule of IPA CBC Programme Hungary – Serbia that potential partner organizations in project proposals must operate at least one year in order to attain a condition to be partners in the two project proposal to be submitted by January 31st, that is the deadline for the second call, two organizations from Novi Sad –Faculty of Sciences and “Milan Petrović” School- apply with their partners from Hungary, and under the coordination of activities with the expert team of the Foundation Novi Sad 2021.

As part of the project proposal of the Faculty of Sciences, Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management in Novi Sad, in cooperation with the Hungarian partners from Szeged, the project proposal entitled Culture on the palm-Palmculture is being prepared. The main objective of this project is to collect historical and cultural heritage of Novi Sad and Szeged and establishing integral and systematically arranged database from which an interactive internet portalwill be created. In addition to historical and cultural heritage collecting at “one place” is planned, as well as contemporary offer such as festivals, concerts, theater performances, exhibitions etc.

Another project proposal within this program is prepared in cooperation of Novi Sad school “Milan Petrović” with the school in Baja, which also takes care of children with special needs, which is a special value of the project entitled Soundbeam. The idea is through joint efforts and initiatives to foster cultural and artistic creativity in young adults with disabilities in the field of music, and through the usage of new technologies. Implementation of the project will enable young people with disabilities to actively participate in cultural and public events in their communities, thus to become more “visible” and to show their musical skills and contribute to creating positive attitudes towards people with disabilities, and eliminate psychological and social barriers.

As part of the program Citizens for Europe, the Foundation Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture, together with the City of Novi Sad and partners from European countries,  prepares an application for a project entitled Street Participation for Active Citizenship in Europe (SPACE). This project aims to encourage citizens to participate in public discussions on the “European issues”, and methodology that will be used will be a kind of street debates entitled “Porteurs de Paroles”.

These are just the first projects with which the Foundation Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture independetly or in cooperation with numerous partners applies to international organizations and funds. It is important to mention that the year 2017, or the year after the declaration of the city as the European Capital of Culture is so-called “Year Zero”, and the team of the Foundation continues with the same energy, enthusiasm and creativity recognized by the Panel of independent experts and thus awarded Novi Sad with this prestigious title.

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