The ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation and Cultural Centre of Novi Sad Present Joint Programme of the Jazz Festival

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During the 19th Novi Sad Jazz Festival, the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation and Cultural Centre of Novi Sad have prepared a special music programme that will feature some of the most prominent jazz musicians, both local and foreign. The overture for the Jazz Festival is in the hands of bands from Novi Sad, while musicians from Pécs, former European Capital of Culture (2010), Plovdiv, future European Capital of Culture (2019) and Sankt Pölten, Austrian city candidate for the title (2024) will perform in the main programme in the Novi Sad Theatre / Újvidéki Színház on 15 November.

The 19th Novi Sad Jazz Festival will take place from 15 to 18 November in two venues: the Novi Sad Theatre / Újvidéki Színház, and in the Serbian National Theatre. As a gift to jazz fans, the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation and Cultural Centre of Novi Sad organised pre-festival performances of bands from Novi Sad on three locations from 11 to 14 November. On the first day, at 9 p.m. the ‘I.T.D Gallery’ will host HAKO TRIO. On 12 November, at 9 p.m. MILENA JANČURIĆ BAND will perform on the ‘Zeppelin’ boat, while on 14 November, at 9 p.m. ČIČINI ČVORCI will perform in ‘Gradska Pivnica’ pub.

The start of the main programme of the Novi Sad Jazz Festival in the Novi Sad Theatre / Újvidéki Színház will be marked by the quests from the European Capitals of Culture: TRIO AFIUM from Pécs, KARAGEORGIEV KVARTET from Plovdiv and GROSSMÜTTERCHEN HATZ & KLOK from Sankt Pölten.

The cooperation between the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation and Cultural Centre of Novi Sad comprises educational-affirmative approach, internationalisation and promotion of young musicians from Novi Sad and their colleagues from other European Capitals of Culture. This is also a chance to stress the need to and importance of cooperation between the Foundation and cultural institutions, and the contribution in raising capacities of these institutions by strengthening the programme and by developing audience. In addition to this, it is crucial for the Foundation to create possibilities for affirmation and promotion of young artists in all spheres, including music. We are especially proud of our contribution in creating conditions for audience development by promoting new and exciting city venues, which make culture accessible to all.

This approach in overcoming deficiencies on the cultural-artistic scene of our city is the direction which the Foundation wants to keep in the future. The plans are focused on creating opportunities for education and creating possibilities for all, regardless of organisation, logistics, performers, artists, or audience. We intend to share our resources and models for raising capacities in culture and creative industries with all cities in Serbia.




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