‘New Portraits’ – Meet the New Generation of Young Female Artists from Novi Sad

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The design of new portraits, the values that young, non-established female artists strive for and their work, will be presented through the ‘New Portraits’ project, which will be presented today, 31 July, at 7 p.m. on the official Facebook page of cultural stations. The project is implemented on the plateau in front of the Bukovac Cultural Station, and it will be presented to the public in an online format in accordance with the current epidemiological situation.

‘The idea of this project is to ‘light up’ several new faces, i.e. to point out the existence of a younger generation of artists, for whom there is often no place in the established artistic circles and in the promotion of artistic expression. It is often the case that our artists have their first exhibitions in some other cities, even abroad, and that they are invisible in their city’, Vitomirka Trebovac, the author of the project, points out and adds:

‘Having in mind that these are young people, at the beginning of their career, we will present the modest work, and above all we will try to ‘light up’ their portraits through what they are, what they read, what they listen to, which painters they like – to bring the audience their world of values. This project also deals with their potentials.’

Vitomirka also says that her wish is for this project to continue to live in other forms, that ’New Portraits’ continue to emerge through new actions and a platform to be set up that will be a springboard for further work by young artists.

‘It is important to see what the influences are and where these young people are going, because it is important to point out some continuum in artistic practices, it is necessary to show what the spirit of the time is at this moment, and that can only happen if we enter the intimate realm of artists and their work,’ she adds.

нови портрети

On Friday, 31 July, the audience will be able to meet Ksenija Vukašinović, Sara Kecman and Jelena Novaković, three extremely authentic young artists who will talk not only about their works of art, photographs and short films, but also about their taste, their interests, as well as the artists who had an influence on them.

The ‘New Portraits’ project is one of 22 projects that received funding in the ‘Artists. Now!’ public call. Aims of the ‘Artists. Now!’ project of the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation are to strengthen Novi Sad cultural scene through a network of cultural stations, raising its capacities, decentralisation of culture and audience development.

Partner in the ‘Artists. Now!’ project is Mercator S.

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