The ‘New Places’ Public Call Launched

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The urban-design call for improvement of small public spaces in Novi Sad has been launched. It will be opened until 3 October, 2019, and all legal and natural bodies have the right to participate.

The call is part of the ‘New Places’ project within which four sites, selected by the citizens, will be rearranged in order to be more accessible and enjoyable places for socializing and implementation of cultural contents.

The four sites that were chosen this year are in ‘Klisa’, ‘Bukovac’, ‘Kisač’ and ‘Gavrilo Princip’ local communities. 

Participants must submit an idea for at least two sites, and there cannot be more than one solution for each individual site.

Works are submitted via e-mail: and should be entitled (subject of the e-mail) ‘ Konkursni rad za javnu nabavku broj KD-2/01-962’.

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