Mutual Cooperation between Novi Sad and Nova Gorica at the ‘WE ARE ECoC’ Online Event

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How young people can involve in the ‘European Capital of Culture’ project, what are the biggest challenges of that project, but also how young cities, candidates can better prepare for the title of European Capital of Culture – these are the topics discussed at the ‘WE ARE ECoC’ webinar, in which representatives of Nova Gorica, a Slovenian city that will be the European Capital of Culture in 2025, participated, as well as Vuk Radulović, Head of the International Relations of the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ project.


Radulović pointed out his joy due to the mutual exchange of experiences and good ideas, and this time he highlighted the ‘Future of Europe’ programme platform, which develops new approaches and programmes in the field of cultural creativity for children and young people.

‘I am extremely glad to have the opportunity to present the experiences of the ‘Novi Sad 2022’ project to students in Slovenia, where the new European Capital of Culture – Nova Gorica 2025 was chosen the day before yesterday. This is exactly the purpose of our project called ‘Potentials’, where we wish to help new cities and candidate cities in order to better prepare for the title of European Capital of Culture. I would say that the experiences of other ECoC cities and cooperation with them, after obtaining the title, were of great importance for the successful preparation of the Novi Sad 2022 project,’ said Radulović and added:

‘The idea is to encourage wider participation of young people in the project itself and the project teams of the new capitals of culture. This was exactly the determination of the Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture Foundation in the process of preparation.’

Mutual cooperation and exchange of ideas are certainly a prerequisite for success.

‘WE ARE ECoC’ is a student event that is implemented within the activities of the Faculty of Tourism Studies ‘Turistica’ in Portorož.

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