Kliknik Project: Trap and Drum and Bass Vibes for the Weekend

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Music programme ‘Kliknik’ by Mladen Kanazir, which includes DJ sets, a mini concert and a mini panel, the audience can find on the YouTube channel of the author of the project.Кликник

Klika crew presented this diverse music event which consisted of the work of the performer Rcallz, Gugutka, Run the Chains and Douchemoney and a small concert by Ničke 3000, who saw this as a good opportunity to promote his album. Besides this, a mini panel was organised, where Ničke 3000 and Douchemoney explained their working principles and offered advices regarding the creative process of making music.

‘It was really just us hanging out together in public, and the audience could follow it on our channel’, explains Mladen Kanazir. He says that it was a difficult period for the music scene since it was impossible to have live performances, which are crucial for the promotion of new songs. That’s why the public call ‘Artists. Now!’ was a great opportunity for them.

‘Kliknik’ project is one of the 22 projects given funds on the open call ’Artists.Now!’ by the Foundation ’Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’, whose aim is to strengthen the local cultural scene, raise their capacities through the network of cultural stations, decentralise culture and increase the audience.

Partner in the project ‘Artists. Now!’ is the Merkator S company.

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