Future of Europe: NS2021 Hosted the International Conference in Egység

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The ‘Future of Europe’ programme platform was closed by the ‘We Talk about Europe – We Build Bridges’ international conference that was held outside the European Union for the first time, in Novi Sad.

During one month, from 7 May until 7 June, the platform included more than 50 events implemented by 40 organisations, both local and foreign, with the focus on children and youth from Novi Sad and Europe.

Novi Sad hosted numerous guests from various parts of Europe, with whom young people from Serbia had the opportunity to meet, discuss their future and involvement in making social decisions, and create creative content.

Numerous exhibitions, interactive theatre plays, heritage walks, programmes for children, circus workshops, concerts and theatre for children, were organised.

The ‘Future of Europe’ was closed with the ‘We Talk about Europe – We Build Bridges’ conference of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, and it was the meeting place for young people, writers, scientists, journalists, and members of religious communities  from all over Europe, who discussed Europe from different points of view- about its future, cultural heritage, education, literature and religion, etc.

On that occasion, Ana Brnabić, Prime Minister of Serbia, said that we should continue to create Europe in Serbia itself, and that Novi Sad is the best example of it, because it is the city that is the European Youth Capital this year, and European Capital of Culture to be in 2021.

Norbert Beckmann-Dierkes, Director of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Serbia, said that when he saw Egység, once dilapidated building and now transformed into a cultural station, decided that it has to be the place of this conference. 
‘We talk about Europe here, and this topic should be discussed more often because it is necessary. This is the cultural and human zone, and Serbia is an important point in the Balkans and Europe. Building bridges is important to Novi Sad, bridges connect people, the past and the present, but we do not want to live in the past, but to think about the future.’ said Norbert Beckmann-Dierkes.

With the completion of the ‘Future of Europe’ platform, the new ‘Fortress of Peace’ platform begins, and it will include events from 7 June 7 to 7 July. You can find the full programme here.

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