‘Flotados’ – Another Spectacle within the Kaleidoscope of Culture

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After the spectacular opening of the Kaleidoscope of Culture, citizens of Novi Sad, as well as numerous tourists, had a chance to see the extraordinary performance.

When the clock hand ticked 9 p.m., the long expected performance of the Spanish pianist David Moreno started. This performance was part of the ‘Pants AiR’ programme implemented by the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation within the ‘Kaleidoscope of Culture’, in cooperation with the Street Musicians Festival.

As the idea of the Kaleidoscope itself, David Moreno is someone who searches for extraordinary artistic expression that connects music, theatre, dance, film and other types of art, thus shaping his unique, recognisable stage expression. Mr David Moreno presented his suspended piano and, as he said, new adventure in which the magic of sound, movement and music, leaves the audience breathless. He said that the goal was to make audience forget about everything and let the language of music, which we all understand, overwhelm them.

‘Every time we perform our projects and our spectacle, we want to stop the world full of bad news, wars and stress. We want the audience, while watching what we do, forget about those things for a moment, to feel the power of music and power of love. I think we succeeded tonight.’

Mr David Moreno, who performed within the 18th Street Musicians Festival, came to Novi Sad in the presence of choreographer Cristina Calleja, for whom he claims is a real gem and without her this timeless performance would not be possible. He said that her, as well as her love towards art, music, film and theatre, were the reason the ‘Flotados’ performance exists. Besides falling in love with Novi Sad at first glance, they agree that the Kaleidoscope is important for the whole country, and the region, especially because of the exchange of artists.

‘The ‘Kaleidoscope’ symbolises the door opened for culture that allows us to share culture and art with other people. The art is something so important for the world that we can put it on the pedestal for the entire life.’

‘The ‘Kaleidoscope’ is the big idea. The idea worth fighting for’, Ms Calleja added.

The ‘Plants AiR’ programme for artistic residences is important because it allows local artists to exchange knowledge and experience with colleagues across Europe, said Mr Milenković, CEO of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation and added that Mr Moreno is the metaphor of this programme.

‘Such concept is the practice of the European Capitals of Culture in which artists in residence from Europe and world come and work in our city with local scene – our artists, organisations. The good thing is that we will connect more of these exchanges to the Kaleidoscope so that next year, more artists will create programmes together with representatives of local cultural scene, and these programmes will be the most visible during five weeks of ‘Kaleidoscope’. This approach, focusing on the exchange of artists, besides its contribution to the development of stakeholders themselves, is good for Novi Sad that, in this manner, is already living its title of the capital of culture.’

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