All Events in Cultural Stations Cancelled

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All events in the Egység and Svilara Cultural Stations and Cultural Corner ARE CANCELLED UNTIL THE END OF MARCH, based on the Decision on proclaiming a state of emergency in the territory of the Republic of Serbia and Regulation on Prohibition of Meetings in the Republic of Serbia in public spaces and indoors, in order to prevent the spread and suppression of the infectious disease COVID – 19.

In order to be responsible to the visitors and organizers of events and to protect each other, the Cultural Stations and the Cultural Corner will not work until the end of March, while decision for April will be made in accordance with the further development of the situation and with the decisions and advice made by the authorities.

In the case of new decisions and guidelines regarding the programme, the notice will be published timely on the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ project web site and on the social networks. 

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