European Capital of Culture and the role of minority media in Vojvodina

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Program director of Novi Sad 2021, Momčilo Bajac, PhD, participated  at the Regional Conference dedicated to minority and local media- NEW AGE COMMUNITIES, at the invitation of the organizers.


As a participant in a panel discussion on Phenomenon of belonging to the community- The role of minority and local media, Mr. Bajac introduced the concept of the project Novi Sad 2021- 4 new bridges and stressed the importance of the project for the city and its citizens. In a multinational environment such as Novi Sad, precisely the richness of cultural diversity will through this project become more visible and more present in everyday life of citizens, and will be an important integrative factor of homogenization of citizens who will create a strong sense of belonging to the community – community of culture. The fact of passive multiculturalism in the life of the city should be transformed into active interaction and intercultural dynamics, both among artists and between different sectors.

Program director of Novi Sad 2021, Momčilo Bajac

Program director of Novi Sad 2021, Momčilo Bajac


The media will have an important role in this, especially the media in the languages of national minorities. They will get a chance to, through his informative, and entertaining educational function, form a creative, interactive and modern approach, to mediate between citizens, artists and cultural institutions, but also to produce their own content through which the language, culture and customs of the national minorities in the city and throughout the province of Vojvodina will become closer to the citizens.

This was an opportunity for the Program Director Mr. Bajac, through discussion with the participants of the meeting, journalists and media representatives, to answer many questions and help make this project closer to the citizens of Novi Sad, Vojvodina and the region.

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