Two Candidates – Together on the Journey to the Title

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Organisation Team of the project Novi Sad 2021, headed by the President of the Organisation Board, Andrej Fajgelj, visited Osijek, one of the candidates for the Croatian Capital of Culture in 2020, on Tuesday 24 February. This visit is a continuation of cooperation that started with the visit of officials from Osijek to Novi Sad in December last year.

In addition to having the same goal – the title of the European Capital of Culture, Novi Sad and Osijek are geographically close and have similar historical and cultural background. Therefore, they are logical partners for networking in this large enterprise.

The delegation of Novi Sad was welcomed by Deputy Major Vladimir Ham and President of the Osijek Board for the nomination Marijana Bošnjak, at the premises of the City Administration of Osijek. They talked about the projects that would be initiated in Osijek and continued in Novi Sad, which would ensure that they are sustainable and long-term. Among these are projects of cooperation with artists from Osijek, strengthening cooperation between universities, as well as projects of linking gastronomic traditions of the two cities with art.

According to Mr Ham, Novi Sad can benefit from the ‘European’ experience of Osijek when it comes to use of EU funds, while the team from Osijek can learn a lot about the organisation. ‘The Novi Sad team for the ECoC is very well established and they have come a long way with the application even though their deadlines are further than ours’, said Mr Ham.

President of the Organisation Board, Andrej Fajgelj, supported the candidacy of the City of Osijek on behalf of the project Novi Sad 2021 and wished them success on the way to winning the title.

For more information, see the report of Osijek TV (the report starts at 5:05):

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