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The next ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation’ Divan will be held in Sava Vuković Street no. 21 (the yard of the house in Almaš Neighbourhood) on 8 June at 6 p.m.  This meeting will be dedicated to the topic of ‘Heritage Walks’

How did the initiative for Heritage Walks begin in northern Marseille? Who was involved and how the process of activating citizens looked like? What are the functioning principles of a Bed&Breakfast organisation? What type of walks exist here and how can they come to life? What are the obstacles in these processes and how can we overcome them?

These are some of the questions that will be posed at next Divan, which is organised to present the results of the ‘Heritage Walks’ project of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation as well as to show the examples of the activities that have been initiated and implemented by our fellow citizens.

The upcoming Divan will feature:

Virginie Lombard, active member of the ’Hôtel du Nord’ organisation from Marseille and organiser of heritage walks

Katarina Dajč, president of the ‘Scenatoria’ Association, organiser of heritage walks through the lower city of Petrovaradin

Višnja Kisić, Secretary General of the ‘Europa Nostra Serbia’ Association

The moderator of the dialogue will be Violeta Đerković, the member of the ‘Almašani’ Association

If you are interested to join our upcoming Divan, confirm your attendance by the filling in the form.

Divan participants will have a chance to find out about different ways of heritage interpretation in order to achieve the desired goal of this Divan, which is to activate fellow citizens to design activities through which they could talk about their city or part of the city they really like.

Direct participation of citizens in presenting heritage is one of the main principles that are base for the activities of the ‘Heritage Walks’ project.


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