Culture Lives in Novi Sad – Six Different Art Events in Cultural Stations This Week

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Artists from Novi Sad are proving that culture can live regardless of all circumstances – this week, as part of the ‘Artists. Now!’ project of the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation various cultural content will be implemented and presented online, through social networks of the Cultural Stations or in cultural stations, in accordance with the health situation and with application of all preventive epidemiological measures.јавни конкурс уметници сад

The ‘Isolation, Klisa’ exhibition by Andrej Hložan will be opened in the Barka Cultural Station (Cultural Corner, Sentandrejski put Street no. 106b), while the ‘Entering Valhalla’ exhibition project by Gojko Dutina, Filip Markovinović and Bojan Dojkić will be held in the Svilara Cultural Station. The lecture ‘Vodič kroz Grajndkor Subkulturu’ by Žarko Gladić will be held in the OPENS Cultural Station on Wednesday, 5 August, while on Thursday, 6 August, the ‘Pope Joan’ by Lea Jevtić, produced by Nikola Miloradović, will be performed in the Egység Cultural Station. Friday, 7 August in Egység is reserved for love poetry within the ‘Jaj Nekem… Szerelem!’project (Woe to me… Love), performed by Emina Elor, Judit Laszlo, Bence Salai and Robert Ožvar, while on Saturday, 8 August, the ‘Kliknik’ by Mladen Kanazi will be held at the Petrovaradin Fortress.
Entering Valhalla

Entering Valhalla

‘Entering Valhalla’ in Svilara

The unusual exhibition entitled ‘Entering Valhalla’, which will be opened in Svilara today at 7 p.m., will show the process of liberation from dark memories, with interaction with the audience and their contribution to the exhibition itself. Gojko Dutina, Bojan Dojkić and Filip Markovinović implemented the first segment of the exhibition by symbolically burning objects that burden us emotionally, while in the next segment they will show a video documenting this event and a sculpture of a raft on fire, representing an archetypal transition from one world to the other. The opening of the exhibition with the installation and video projection will be held on 3 August at 7 p.m .and can be followed online on the Svilara Cultural Station Facebook page, while the public will be able to visit the exhibition from 4 to 7 August between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The ‘Izolacija, Klisa’ exhibition in the Barka Cultural Station

The ‘Izolacija, Klisa’ exhibition, which includes a series of photographs taken between the spring of 2019 and 2020, will be opened in the Barka Cultural Station (Culture Corner, Sentandrejski put Street no.106b) today at 7.20 p.m. It shows life on Klisa, through photographs of streets that continuously remain empty and devastated compared to urban parts of the city. Those interested will be able to follow the opening of the exhibition online via social networks of Cultural Stations or to visit it in the Barka Cultural Station until 10 August, between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m.


The ‘Vodič kroz Grajndkor Subkulturu’ lecture in the Egység Cultural Station

The ‘Vodič kroz Grajndkor Subkulturu’ lecture by Žarko Gladić, a historian, will be held in the Egység Cultural Station on Wednesday, 5 August. The author of the project will present grindcore as a cultural and sociological phenomenon with an emphasis on the local and regional scene. Grindcore as a special music genre, a subculture, totally isolated from mainstream culture and commercialism, based on pure energy, emotion, attitude, critical view of the world, freedom of expression without any censorship has connected the greatest enthusiasts and fans around the world for several decades. The lecture will be held on Wednesday at 7 p.m. via the Cultural Stations Facebook page.

‘Pope Joan’ performance in Egység

The ‘Pope Joan’ performance by Lea Jevtić, a director, will be held in the Egység Cultural Station on Thursday, 6 August, at 7 p.m. The play, which is a dramatisation of the novel of the same name by Donna Woolfolk Cross, through the prism of feminism deals with the question of who ‘Pope Joan’ is in our society today, i.e., who are the people who are unable to act and live by the same laws and rights that apply to the majority due to some of their characteristics. The audience can watch the play online on Thursday at 7 p.m. via the Facebook page of the Egység Cultural Station.

‘Jaj Nekem… Szerelem’ (Woe to me… Love) in Egység on Friday

The ‘Jaj Nekem… Szerelem’ (Woe to me… Love) project is a blend of poetry, poems and monologues, with a focus on affection and love. Emina Elor, Judith Laszlo, Bence Salai and Robert Ozvar, actors of the Novi Sad Theater, will recite, speak and sing about passion, desire, shame, sadness, disappointment, fire, brokenness, nobility and the importance of love in 50 minutes. The audience can watch this literary – music performance online on Thursday at 7 p.m. via the Facebook page of the Egység Cultural Station.

In the past week, as part of the implementation of the ‘Artists. Now!’ project, the audience had the opportunity to see the ‘New Elements of the Past’ exhibition by Jelena Gajinović and the ‘Skica Istorije Filozofije’ project by Nenad Lančuški. In addition to this, a literary evening within the ‘Critical Presentation of the Young Prose of Novi Sad’ project, by literary critic and essayist Dragan Babić was implemented, as well as the ‘Neusamljeno Osamljen Solo na Vezi’ dance performance by Jelena Alempijević. Last week, the three young non-established artists presented themselves to the audience through the ‘New Portraits’ project by Vitomirka Trebovac and Milijana Pejaković.

The ‘Artists. Now!’ project aims to strengthen the Novi Sad cultural scene through a network of cultural stations, raising its capacities, decentralisation of culture and audience development. Partner in the ‘Artists. Now!’ project is Mercator S.

All programmes in the coming period will be implemented in accordance with the epidemiological situation and prescribed measures.


Photo Credit: V. Veličković

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