Cultural Corner Opened Its Doors to Help and Support Local Community

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Cultural corner in Slana Bara joined the action of distribution of packages for socially disadvantaged families from the Veliki Rit neighbourhood.

The space that was opened in October 2019 with the aim of decentralisation of culture, this time opened its doors to help and support local community. Together with local community, they successfully implemented numerous cultural and educational contents thus involving residents of this part of the city in cultural life of Novi Sad.

The content we create in cooperation with local citizenship and local community make us a little family and we find this period, when we communicate online, without drinking coffee with neighbours and live conversations, difficult. We are glad we had a chance to open the doors of the Corner for a while, on the International Roma Day, and offer help and support to socially disadvantaged people. We hope that this whole situation will come to an end soon. Meanwhile, we are meticulously planning our further work, prepare the opening of a new Cultural Station in Slana Bara and we invite everyone to help their local community as much as they can’, said Vesna Pašćanović, Manager of the Cultural Corner.

The action lasts for three days, from 8 until 10 April, and 80 food packages have been delivered so far.

The action was organised by Red Cross in Novi Sad, and packages are provided thanks to the City of Novi Sad within the City Council in Charge of Social Protection, Children and Family Welfare.

Lists of users for this type of help are being formed in cooperation with Centre for Social Work of Novi Sad.

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