Council of Europe in the European Capital of Culture

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The Council of Europe delegation was a guest of the Novi Sad 2021 Foundation, where they had the opportunity to learn about Novi Sad, the Svilara Cultural Station and the work of the Foundation. Members of the delegation visited the city centre, where they saw the most significant buildings of Novi Sad and listened about the architecture and importance of cultural heritage.


They talked about the work of this cultural station, involvement of citizens in the process of creating, as well as the new cultural image of the city. It was presented to them what has been done so far within the ‘Novi Sad 2021 –  European Capital of Culture’ project  – construction of cultural stations, works on the Creative Polis, where the Youth Centre will be built. They also talked about future plans, such as decentralisation of culture and the construction of cultural stations in Klisa and Novo Naselje, and about the programme platforms, with the aim of better preparation for the title year.

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