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Wednesday night concert premieres, music excursions on Mondays and Thursdays, interviews with writers on Saturdays, online exhibitions on Tuesdays – ‘Novi Sad 2021– European Capital of Culture’ continues to promote culture as a way of life on official social networks as well as on cultural station pages.

Various programme content, which will be online this week, have merged from the events implemented so far, as well as the cooperation with different local artists, organisations and cultural institutions.

Novi Sad 2021 – Online concert premieres
Concerts that marked the years of preparation of Novi Sad for the European Capital of Culture will be broadcast on the official
Novi Sad 2021 Facebook page every Wednesday at 8:21 p.m. (20:21).
 One of them is the classical music concert under the clear sky in September that stops one of the busiest boulevards in the centre of Novi Sad – Mihailo Pupin Boulevard for two years in a row.

Egység Cultural Station – Music excursions and literary evenings   

Pocket Globe, the production debut of the Egység Cultural Station, schedules virtual music excursions every Monday and Thursday, and the link will be on the Egység Facebook page. The guide will be Vojislav Malešev, better known as Killo Killo, who will continue to promote the non-commercial sound and great names of world ethno, jazz and experimental music scenes with interesting guests. The first Poket Globe journey, on 13 April at 9 p.m., will be dedicated to the local experimental and jazz scene, while on 16 April we will have a chance to hear concerts that marked the first edition of music excursions in September 2019.

Saturday, around 7 p.m., is reserved for discussions with writers about writing, reading, as well as on current and all other topics. The idea of the ‘Oko(m) knjige’ literary evenings, the new programme of the Egység Cultural Station on the Egység Instagram page is to activate and involve followers who can send their questions.
Discussions will be moderated by Katarina Kostić, editor of the ‘Prerazmišljavanje’ portal.

Svilara Cultural Station – Online exhibitions 

                                                                                                                                    Svilara Culture Station starts sharing programme content on its Facebook page, with the online exhibitions taking place every Tuesday.
The first two exhibitions are ‘Messages from the Walls’ by Szilágyi Mária and Szilárd Antal, which represent research in the field of graphite drawing, but also the cultural heritage of Novi Sad and the ‘Svilara in Novi Sad – Generator of the First Industrial Zone’ by Anica Draganić and Szilágyi Mária, which deals with the creation of the first industrial zone in Novi Sad, in the Almaš neighbourhood, at the site of today’s Svilara Cultural Station.

In addition to these, there are plans for other content to be announced on the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ and Cultural Stations social networks.

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