Comic Books, Illustrations, Concept Art: ‘Artists of the Silicon Age: Zone 021’ project in Egység

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The ‘Artists of the Silicon Age: Zone 021’ project will be implemented in the Egység Cultural Station from 7 until 11 September, in the period from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m.

The ‘Obnovljena Zajednica’ project by the Association of Citizens is aimed at young people and emerging artists who work in the field of visual narrative and literature, including comic books, illustrations, concept art for multimedia, caricatures and picture books.

The project has four phases:

1. Lecture and training for young artists about the ways they can enter the profession and international market

2. Meeting of young artists or art historians with the doyens and editors – evaluation of the portfolios and a discussion

3. Publication of the biographies, portfolios and bibliographies

4. Informing publishing and production houses about the result – artists are available for engagement

The ‘Artists of the Silicon Age: Zone 021’ project is one of the 42 projects given funds on the Public call within the ’Artists. Now!’ project, whose aim is to strengthen the local cultural scene.

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