Citizens of Novi Sad Thrilled with the Performance of the World Youth Choir

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On Saturday, 58 young choir singers from all over the world received unheard-of ovations from the Novi Sad audience. This initiative of the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation and European Youth Capital was attended by more than 600 citizens in the packed Synagogue.

The performance of the World Youth Choir arouse positive emotions in all who were present. The synergy of youth and talent, and their connection through spiritual music, sent a strong message to all members of the audience. Linguistic and national barriers this time served as a bridge for connecting and understanding different cultures, as well as an inspiration for creating new music arrangements.

Two separate music sections, both of which lasted for 45 minutes, presented spiritual music from the epoch of Romanticism until today, as well as contemporary songs in different arrangements, under leadership of conductors from Hungary and Kenya. The choir comprises 58 young singers from 33 countries.

At the beginning of the second section, the singers were introduced according to their countries of origin, which caused an exceptional excitement in the audience. Young singers from Brazil, Venezuela, Canada, Kenya, Japan, Taiwan and European countries passed through the audience to take their place on the stage, and they did so with a smile, because their introduction was accompanied by a roaring applause.

Among the last, our fellow citizen Jovana Filipović joined the choir – the only representative of Serbia who performs with the World Youth Choir.

According to Mr Móczár Gábor, representative of the Zsolnay Heritage Management, it is important to have these international projects, which create platform for young people to connect through artistic and creative expression and understanding of cultural heritage.

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