The Citizens of Novi Sad Present Their Theatre Memories

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Photographs, posters, personal items, props, parts of scenography and costumes, directors’ books, various manuscripts, tickets, as well as many other items from the theatre make the ‘Room for My Theatre’ exhibition, which will be opened in the Izba Café  (Železnička Street no. 4) on 5 June at 5 p.m.

We will learn about everyday life in theatre and how a theatre arises and lives, in a different and interesting way, through the personal belongings of the citizens of Novi Sad, who represent a cultural treasure of Novi Sad with valuable archives and memories of the theatre and its art. The exhibition is also an opportunity to see how the objects that make up our cultural heritage and the tradition of theatre art are preserved.

The exhibition will be opened until 10 June, and the entrance is free.

Involvement of citizens in the creation of cultural contents, and therefore the new cultural image of Novi Sad, is the idea of ​​the ‘Audience in Focus’ public call within the’ Room for My Theatre’ project was implemented. The project is implemented by the Theatre Museum of Vojvodina. Citizens participate in the whole process of creating the exhibition, from bringing objects to the exhibition space with professional help of the curator.

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