Candidate for Residency in Slovakia Selected

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Sanja Anđelković, a visual artist who also deals with writing, was chosen for the residency in Košice (Slovakia) within the ‘Artist in Residence’ (Plants AiR) programme.

Her work is focused on migration, displacement, as well as environmental awareness and activism, and in the last five years she has participated in various projects, both in the country and in the region and exhibited independently.

As part of her residency in Slovakia, Sanja will deal with exploring the ways in which human beings, nature and animals interact, at the same time critically questioning how the human-nature/animal gap is created. The artistic project should raise the question of how to cultivate, through artistic means, collective and democratic forms of understanding of our ecological future: How to secure the same rights for everyone, including animals? How to protect future generations? How to determine your own values? How to influence the public sector, institutions and the law?

We remind you that there are still open calls for two artist residencies:
Artist Residency in Austria until 1 March 2020

Artist Residency in Japan until 31 March 2020

The aim of the ‘Artist in Residence’ (Plants AiR) programme, which is being implemented within the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ project, is internationalisation of local artistic scene, education and networking of local artists with foreign artists and organisations. Within the programme, artists from Novi Sad are supported to implement outgoing residences, as well as to enable foreign artist to visit Novi Sad and to exchange experience and knowledge with local artists through work.

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