Call Results Until 10 August

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Results of the Public Call for strengthening local artistic scene, which was closed on 24 July, will be published until Monday, 10 August.

The selection jury realised the need for compliance of project details with applicants, with the aim to implement the project as best as possible, which is the reason why the deadline for the announcement of results was postponed.

The selection jury stressed the importance of sharing impressions and comments related to their applications and send them a feedback, with the aim to raise capacities of local artistic scene and so that artists can as effectively as possible apply for the future local and European artistic calls.

The selected programmes will be implemented in the following period, in accordance with the pandemic situation, adhering to the measures in order to prevent spreading of the COVID-19 virus.

The public call comprised different fields of art, including performing arts, fine art, applied art, visual art, design and architecture, programmes related to film and audio-visual art, as well as digital art and multimedia.

The ‘Artists. Now!’ project of the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ was initiated with the idea to strengthen the local cultural scene, raise its capacities through the network of cultural stations, decentralize the culture, with the aim of audience development.

Partner in the project ‘Artists. Now!’ is the Merkator S company.

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