Call for Improvement of Small Public Surfaces Opened

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Leading up to 2021, the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ launches today, on 28 January, the ‘New Places – Microgranting’ call for improvement of small public surfaces in the city and ‘Zone 021’ (Municipalities of Irig, Beočin and Sremski Karlovci).

The main ideas of the ‘New Places – Microgranting’ project are importance of local community involvement in the improvement of small urban public spaces and raising citizens’ capacities, as well as working together.

The competition is open to associations of citizens based in Novi Sad and ‘Zone 021’ and residential communities, and the following ideas can be funded:

-new furniture (benches, trash cans, protective poles, bicycle parking racks, flower pots, gazeboes, etc.)

-greening of surfaces (planting in public surfaces, planting by placing flowers pots and decorating old sandboxes);

– cleaning and landscaping activities, cultural and environmental activities, highlighting cultural heritage;

– landscaping area for social activities (bocce courts, mini skate park, public chess boards, public cabinets, libraries, etc.);

– space for creative expression;

-other creative suggestions that are considered as ongoing space maintenance.

 Proposals selected by the jury will receive a maximum of RSD 450,000.00. The funds allocated for the implementation of this year’s Microgranting call are 6 million dinars.

 The proposed sites must be public areas accessible to all in the area of ​​Novi Sad and ‘Zone 021’ (municipalities of Irig, Beočin and Sremski Karlovci), and the applicant may apply with 2 proposals maximum.

The public call will be implemented in two rounds. To participate in the first round of the call, it is necessary to fill in the official Application form and provide basic information on the site and send to the e-mail no later than 24 February 2020. After completing the expert jurying of all the submitted works, the Commission will shortlist the proposals to be placed in the second round of the call. The shortlisted applicants will be invited to a dialogue with the Commission from 25 to 28 February 2020.

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