‘Artists. Now!’ – Exhibitions, Dance Performances, Literary Evening and Workshop for Children in Novi Sad Cultural Stations

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Cultural stations in Novi Sad will be a meeting place for different arts this week again.

јавни конкурс уметници сад

Six works of art that received funds in the public call to Novi Sad artists within the ‘Artists. Now!’ project will be presented in cultural stations until Sunday with the application of epidemiological measures or online, on the official Facebook and Instagram pages of the stations.

Workshops for children are already starting today on the occasion of the implementation of the ‘Plakat kao vid dečjeg izraza’ project in the Mlin Cultural Station, while the evening will be reserved for the opening of the ‘New Elements of the Past’ exhibition in Svilara. An interactive exhibition ‘Skice istorije i filozofije’ will be opened in Egység on Tuesday, and the cultural station OPENS will be the place for the Critical presentation of the young prose of Novi Sad on Wednesday. The ‘Neusamljeno usamljeni solo na vezi’ dance performance will be performed in Svilara on 30 July, and the end of the working week will mark the ‘Muzičko – plesni studio’ project in the Rumenka Cultural Station. During the week, the ‘New Portraits’ project will be implemented in Bukovac, which was postponed last Friday due to the announced rain, and the time and place will be announced on the official pages of the Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture project.

Each of these cultural content will be available via online broadcast on the official Facebook page of the cultural stations.

Плакат као вид дечјег израза

Ljubica Tankosić


Plakat kao vid dečjeg izraza in the Mlin Cultural Station

Workshops for children ‘Plakat kao vid dečjeg izraza’ will be held from 27 July until 29 July in the Mlin Cultural Station. Together with Ljubica Tankosić, who is implementing this project, the children will have the opportunity to make large-format posters, using various graphic techniques and materials and to print them on a graphic press. The final result is an exhibition of works that will be available to visitors until 20 August, in accordance with current measures and during the working hours of the Mlin Cultural Station (Novi Sad Children’s Cultural Centre).

Jelena Gajinović


The ‘New Elements of the Past’ exhibition in Svilara

Today, 27 July, is also reserved for the ‘New Elements of the Past’ exhibition by Jelena Gajinović, which will be opened in the Svilara Cultural Station from 7 p.m., and the audience will be able to follow the opening of the exhibition on the Svilara Cultural Station website. As an exceptional admirer of cultural heritage, the artist focuses on mapping and exhibiting objects that belong to the cultural and industrial heritage of the city of Novi Sad: fragments of facade ornaments and objects that were on the demolished or buildings that underwent the reconstruction process. The exhibition is open in the Svilara Cultural Station from 28 July to 31 July from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Ненад Ланчушки

Nenad Lančuški


The ‘Skica istorije filozofije’ exhibition in Egység

The ‘Skica istorije filozofije’ exhibition by Nenad Lančuški will be opened in the Egység Cultural Station on Tuesday, 28 July, at 6 p.m. It is an exhibition performance, which aims to visually present philosophical systems from ancient times to the present day. Visitors will be able to see the exhibition from Wednesday, 29 July, to 1 August, while an interactive presentation of the exhibition and conversations with the author will be held every day at specified time. All information about the dates of the exhibition will be available on the official website of the Egység Cultural Station.

Critical presentation of the young Novi Sad prose in the OPENS Cultural Station on Wednesday

The ‘Critical presentation of the young Novi Sad prose’ project by Dragan Babić, literary critic and essayist, will be held in the future OPENS Cultural Station on Wednesday, 29 July. The literary evening, in the form of an active dialogue between the authors who belong to the generation of the young prose of Novi Sad and Dragan Babić, will begin at 7 p.m. and their work will be presented to the audience. The authors will present their individual and common frameworks and prove the possibility of connecting into a stronger system by publicly reading and presenting their prose titles and thus show the Serbian literary public the quality of authors who create in Novi Sad today. The dialogue will be available via online broadcast on the official Facebook page of the Cultural stations.

Jelena Alempijević

‘Neusamljeno osamljen solo na vezi’ in Svilara on Thursday

The ‘Neusamljeno osamljen solo na vezi’ project by ballerina Jelena Alempijević, with the final result of a solo performance, the audience will have the opportunity to watch on Thursday, 30 July at 7 p.m. via an online broadcast from the Svilara Cultural Station.

‘Muzičko – plesni studio’ in the Rumenka Cultural Station on Friday

The ‘Muzičko – plesni studio’ project will be held in the Rumenka Cultural Station on Friday, 31 July, at 7 p.m. The audience will be able to enjoy the music programme, as well as the stage performance of ballerinas with choreography inspired by the joy of life, via an online broadcast on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the Cultural stations. The aim of the project is to promote music as a universal language that everyone understands in a multicultural environment.

Last week, the audience enjoyed the ‘Vivarium’ exhibition by Nemanja Milenković and Adrienn Újházi in the Svilara Cultural Station, while the ‘Santa Maria della Salute’ dance performance by Staša Kukić and the Summit of the Novi Sad drummers were held in Egység, and all programmes were broadcast online on the official Facebook and Instagram channels of the cultural stages

The ‘Artists. Now!’ project aims to strengthen the Novi Sad cultural scene through a network of cultural stations, raising its capacities, decentralisation of culture and audience development.

Partner in the ‘Artists. Now!’ project is Mercator S.

All programmes in the coming period will be implemented in accordance with the epidemiological situation and prescribed measures.


Photo Credit: V. Veličković

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