Artist in Residence: the Exhibition of Aleksandra Saška Gruden in the SULUV Gallery on Monday

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The ‘Samples of Space and Time’ exhibition by Aleksandra Saška Gruden, which is implemented within the ‘Artist in Residence’ Plants AiR programme of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation, in cooperation with Ljubljana Fine Artists Society, will be opened in the SULUV Gallery on Monday, 27 May at 8 p.m.

The author will present her recent work, which was created during her stay in Novi Sad. She expands to the existing space and seeks the point of origin at inspiring places that connect the past and the present, tradition and modernity, by creating the patchwork of different motifs. Diverse spaces inspired her to document models as photographic impressions and connect them with the video that she presents on the exhibition.

After she finished studies at the Faculty of Education in Maribor, Aleksandra Saška Gruden graduated from sculpting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. She has been working as an independent cultural worker since 2006. She presents her works at the individual and group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. In addition to this, she works in different fields of art, such as sculpture, installation, video, photography and performance, thus being actively involved in pedagogical, curatorial work and art critics.

The aim of the ‘Artist in Residence’ (Plants AiR) programme is internationalisation of local artistic scene, education and networking of local artists with foreign artists and organisations. Within the programme, the Foundation supports artists from Novi Sad to implement outgoing residences, as well as to enable foreign artist to visit Novi Sad and to exchange experience and knowledge with local artists through work.

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