‘Artists. Now!’: The New Normal of Cultural Content Presentation

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Implementation of artistic projects selected within the Public Call that is part of the ‘Artists. Now!’ project of the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation starts today.

уметници сад

Four out of the 22 artistic projects that received funds for implementation in cultural stations throughout Novi Sad, will be realised this week, and in relation to the current epidemiological situation, cultural content is finding alternative ways to reach the audience, thus artistic projects will be presented online or in cultural stations with the application of epidemiological measures.

The audience will be able to visit the ‘Vivarium’ exhibition, but also to enjoy the ‘Santa Maria della Salute’ dance performance, the Summit of Novi Sad drummers, and the ‘New Portraits project. Each of these cultural events will be online broadcast on the official Facebook page of cultural stations during this week.

The ‘Vivarium’ exhibition in Svilara

The ‘Vivarium’ exhibition will be opened in the Svilara Cultural Station on 20 July at 7 p.m., when the audience will have the opportunity to attend the joint cooperation of Adrienn Újházi, a student of painting at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, and Nemanja Milenković, a painter. Újházi enters the field of ecological art and her research approach involves the use of natural elements and materials in their original state and with minimal intervention comes to results in the form of installation, while Milenković deals with the relationship of people to animals in modern society and the topic of how collective and individual identity is being formed towards that. The exhibition lasts from 21 until 24 July and is implemented in accordance with the preventive measures adopted due to the epidemiological situation – a maximum of 10 people will be able to stay in the Svilara Cultural Station, with respect to the prescribed distance and the obligatory mask on the face.

Santa Maria della Salute in Egység

The space of the Egység Cultural Station will also be in the service of culture. On Tuesday 21 July at 7 p.m., directly from this cultural station, an enchanting presentation of the ‘Santa Maria della Salute’ poem will be presented to the audience via an online stream by the talented young ballerina Staša Kukić. One of the most beautiful Serbian love poems will be recited through the movement, and visitors will be able to follow this unusual dance performance online on the official Facebook and Instagram pages of cultural stations.

Summit of the Novi Sad drummers in Egység

The next day, on Wednesday 22 July , the Summit of the Novi Sad drummers will be held in Egység. The programme of the informal association of the Novi Sad drummers and percussionists ‘Samićani’ aims to promote drums and percussion, their beauty and diversity, as well as styles of music. It will be a kind of musical journey through different cultures, and the audience will be able to follow it live.

New Portraits: Bukovac Cultural Station

At the end of the week, on Friday 24 July, the ‘New Portraits’ project, which deals with the promotion of young and less established artists in Novi Sad, will be presented in Bukovac. Three authors in the field of directing, photography and literature will present themselves in a way that avoids the form of passive presentation. The idea is for the authors and the audience to deal with general cultural phenomena through dialogue, primarily favourite music, films, design and photography. In this way, young non-established artists will have the opportunity to present themselves, and an open platform will be set up where other artists will have the opportunity to promote themselves, and the entire project will be presented to the public on the official Facebook page of cultural stations.

The ‘Artists. Now!’ public call received 112 applications from a wide field of artistic expression, of which 22 grants were awarded to artistic projects from various fields, including dance performances and workshops, art installations, exhibitions, contemporary theatre, mini-festivals of urban subculture, concerts, forums and literary programmes. You can see the results of the Public Call on this link.

Interested artists and art associations can also apply to the Public Call, which offers the possibility of co-financing projects aimed at performing and presenting works of art in the premises of cultural stations, until Friday 24 July.

The ‘Artists. Now!’ project aims to strengthen the Novi Sad cultural scene through a network of cultural stations, raising its capacities, decentralisation of culture and audience development.

Partner in the ‘Artists. Now!’ project is Mercator S.

All programmes in the coming period will be implemented in accordance with the epidemiological situation and prescribed measures.

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